1. Fly


We're outside the sun is high in the sky,
I looked down and said" I didn't mean to lie",
You cried " how could you?" and started to fade to grey.
I didn't think I'd be the one to through it all away.

Still Fly so high
Please Fly so high.

We used to dream with the world in our hands,
Always thinking of the life that we could have,
But all those whispers spoiled that game,
Is it too late now am I the only one to blame?

Fly so high
Fly so high

I cried my heart out, I fell to my knees
I even begged you not to do this to me please.
Well if that's what you want that's what to choose.
I'll be here waiting always singing my blues
But I won't say a word cause I'm too old to remember the music, too old.

We can Fly so high
Still Fly so high.